7 Tips to get a 7 in IB Maths AA HL

7 Tips to get a 7 in IB Maths AA HL

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The IB Math courses might seem confusing at first since they are not organized by topic (Geometry, Precalculus, etc.), but rather into two 2-year courses: Applications and Interpretation and Analysis and Approaches. So, what is the difference between them, and which one should you take? Here, we take a look at Maths AA HL, and discuss 7 ways to get a 7 in this course:

  1. Check what course your college wants

Many colleges require you to take a particular IB Math course or require you to take HL instead of SL. Even if you are not certain which colleges you are applying to, think about what courses and colleges you might want to apply to—you don’t want to limit your options later by choosing the wrong course now. Also check if your colleges offer course credit for any of the IB courses, which would allow you to skip an introductory college course later.

  1. Math AA is more focused on the theory of mathematics

This makes it suitable for those who want a rigorous, theoretical understanding of mathematics, particularly calculus. If you are planning to pursue a career in science, mathematics, or engineering, this could be important.

  1. The IA is even more important now IA is more important than you think!

Since there is a syllabus change, there is still a good bit of uncertainty about how the examinations will turn out. So, it is a good idea to maximize your score on the internal assessments by putting in a bit of extra effort there. 

  1. Don’t be overly dependent on your calculator

For Math AA, you need to take one test without a calculator. You should be confident in performing basic calculations, including simple trigonometric and algebraic operations, without a calculator. This might require a lot of practice, so make sure to use manual calculations from the beginning which could eventually boost your speed in a way that you won’t have to worry about the time required to solve during exams.

  1. Ask questions in class

It’s important to iron out any misconceptions at the earliest. Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher to go over something you didn’t understand once more. You really do need to have a very solid conceptual understanding for this course.Only by setting the right foundation will you be confident to face any questions.

  1. Use online resources to improve your understanding

If you think you’re still struggling to really understand something, try looking for resources and explanations online. There are a lot of videos and articles that are not specific to this course but nonetheless will give you a good intuition for the material you are covering. 

  1. Practice with Past Exams

Even though this is a new syllabus, many of the actual exam questions will be on topics covered in the old Math HL course, and the pattern of questions might also be similar. Practicing with past exams is the best way to improve your problem-solving and time management skills. This would be especially helpful for people who get extremely anxious and blank out while the tests are given.

Math is fun once you understand how it works, so don’t hesitate to ask for help, it may not be because you are less intelligent but probably you missed your basic foundation on the topic. You could either approach your own teachers, friends or rely on good tuition to build on lost foundations.

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