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Ten good reasons to Hire a Private Tutor for Your Child

Contemporary times are very competitive, and in the fast-paced world, it’s pretty hard to outstand. With the progression of time, the complexities in all aspects of life have increased. Especially talking about education, the foundational structure and expectations have transformed drastically. 

These days a sixth-grade student is expected to know the basics of coding, do quite well in algebra, learn foreign languages, and the list goes on. The pressure is real, and all parents want their children to match the speed of this ever-evolving world. 

While a few advancements are essential for today’s world, few things have gotten compromised. The overwhelmingly large size of classes, overburdening with assignments in the name of keeping the student busy, unhealthy competitions are a few to mention. 

Particularly mentioning the large classes, it gets pretty tricky for a teacher to pay individual attention. There is no denial that classroom learning lies at the core of our education system and has a lot of outnumbering positive aspects but more often than not, we cannot deny a few significant drawbacks it has. 

Thus, it has undoubtedly increased a genuine demand for private tutors who can help share the burden of the students and boost their overall performance.

A private tutor provides one-on-one instruction to help students achieve their academic or personal learning goalsThey work with students on specific subjects, especially those they’re struggling with, or prepare for exams. 

Starting on this note, these are 10 out of several reasons for hiring a private tutor for your child.

1. Individual attention

It is the biggest complaint of all parent fraternity that their wards don’t get the required amount of attention and help as they need. The pressure comes on the parents to justify the performance of the child if poor.  

A private tutor will have an undivided, one on one focus on your child. The tutor will better understand your ward’s strong and weak aspects as there is more time to explore them.

2. Find your type

There are several functioning boards of school education in India, such as CBSE, ICSE, and a few international boards, namely IB and IGCSE. 

All these boards have different methods of approach and workload for the students. Thus private tutoring enables you to choose as per your needs. You can access specific services in terms of your board type, subjects, and topics. 

Also, there a very few people who opt for international boards, and at TYCHR, you can get tutors who are experts in this field. IB tutors at TYCHR deal with your ward as per their needs. May it be a problem in a specific topic or subject or wish to study all subjects, TYCHR has it all.

3. Confidence boosting

Private tutoring provides your child with a safe space as there is no one to judge the weakness or strengths of your child. One can entirely rely upon and share all doubts and concerns with total ease. 

Since it is not a platform for drawing comparisons, the child can focus more on self-improvement and growth in those hours and build better confidence to do well in their classes. It results in self positivity, self-appreciation, and consequently better performance in the school.

4. Improve grades

A private tutor can provide the instruction that your child needs to supplement classroom learning and preparation for standardized tests. Students can discuss and solve myriads of questions with the tutor and consequently ace their exams.

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5. Regular assessment

We know that clearing a doubt or concept is not enough. For maximum retention, one needs to get regular assessments to check both specific and overall growth.  

IB tutors evaluate students in all aspects. With well-designed assignments and tests, the child’s progress is assessed, and a subsequent plan of studying is made accordingly.

6. Eliminate Distractions

Online IB tutors help make the class very interactiveStudents don’t have to wait but participate equally by annotating with the tutor on the screen.  They can mark words and phrases on the screen whenever more clarity is required or doubt arises. 

They can also write or type answers, draw pictures that ensure maximum involvement, and reduce boredom in online classes. So the child can study with utmost focus, and the one-on-one interaction scheme prevents distraction of any sort.

7. Flexible timings

Students can choose to study with the IB tutors online as per their schedule. Timings are always negotiable and as per the convenience of the child. Students can also get long hours classes for completion of assignments, tests, etc.

8. Ignite interest

With individual learning and consistent doubt solving, the student can develop more interest in the subject and study with enthusiasm and fun. It is the main aim of IB tutors at TYCHR to build a love for fearless studying.

9. More accountability

Parents can rely on private tutors with all ease. Parents can get in direct touch or through coordinators for any problem. 

The service providers prioritize all suggestions, complaints, or concerns. There is maximum transparency as parents have the option to monitor the classes of their kids passively.

10. Save students – and parents – time and effort

IB tutors are able to cover a lot of detail in a short amount of timeThey work at your child’s pace and capacity for learning, utilizing effective methods to explain advanced concepts. 

Every student is different, but our tutors are able to quickly identify and adapt to your child’s individual needs and capabilities. 

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