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Why Tychr is the Best IB Tutor Online

Taking online tuition has become a necessity today. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of life drastically. School-going children especially have suffered immensely in terms of not being able to get the required attention and education that they need.

Over a period, technology came to the rescue and classes began to be taken online by teachers, but it remains difficult for teachers to deliver lectures online as they have always been teaching in a classroom where there is a physical presence of students.

Online tuition classes can help students get used to this new method of teaching. Online tuitions are not a recent development but have been in the education sector for quite some time now and hence help students to get the extra help that they need.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an international board that is collaborated with schools all over the world and caters to students and parents who are constantly on the move, e.g., diplomats and professionals working overseas.

The children of such professionals get access to similar quality of education, irrespective of the country they reside in and develop a good understanding of culture, traditions, languages, etc.

IB tuitions online are a great way to provide children with an extra advantage, and push them to perform well in exams. Everybody these days understands the importance of education and tries to grasp every opportunity that comes their way to improve their performance.

Since it is a competitive world, one needs to always be prepared and be ahead of the herd. Online tuitions have many advantages that one tends to overlook.

Learners get classes with the teachers personally and can easily discuss their queries without hesitation which might persist when one is taking classes in a group.

The teachers also can easily assess the performance and responses of the student and teach accordingly with a speed at which the students feel comfortable learning.

It is also an economical way to learn as online classes do not charge exorbitant amounts for the services provided since extra expenses such as infrastructure, transport, and various other costs to run a coaching center/school are excluded.

Tychr is one such name that is providing extra coaching online for IB. It was founded about nine years ago by Mr. Arpit Bhardwaj.

It has an engagement of over 1150 students covering 50 different schools and over 23 countries. The slogan of Tychr is, “Friend, Philosopher and Guide for all your educational concerns”. The tutors and staff at Tychr work closely with the children and parents guiding them along the way.

The organization aims at producing not only excellent scholars but also individuals who have flawless personal and professional integrity.

The vision of Tychr is to guide individuals and enhance their intellect and competencies in line with the ever-transforming environment around them so that when faced with challenges they can address them accordingly.

Tychr tries to bridge the gaps in understanding of concepts for its students so that they can comprehend the basic concepts clearly because as we know that a clear understanding of the basics is crucial to move ahead in any field that we wish to pursue.

All students get a custom-made framework after the teachers gauge the strengths and weaknesses of each one of them. The teaching methodology is such that there is an immediate address to any grievances with knowledge being imparted in an integrated and holistic manner.

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Here are a few reasons as to why Tychr is the best IB tutor online-

Personalized teaching experience

The teachers take a personal interest in the progress of the students and frame a custom method for teaching and the pace for teaching every individual varies according to their speed to grasp onto knowledge.

Therefore, one does not need to worry about being left behind in a class or not being able to keep up with the others. The teachers are highly qualified and know how to deal with students and their doubts.

Result-oriented methodology

The focus is to improve the performance and efficiency of the students, so the methodology used is result-oriented. The teachers understand the difference between a group and a crowd.

Live an interactive

The classes take place on a one-on-one basis and students get proper and timely monitoring, assessment, and feedback from the teachers.

The teachers take a personal interest in guiding the students and create unique formats thereby addressing any queries raised by the student in a manner that makes it effortless for the child to understand.

Over 10,000 hours of teaching

Tychr has mentored over 1150 students and thus gained an enormous amount of experience.

Adaptive teaching methodology

Since every child has a unique way to understand the different concepts the teachers try to adapt and pace themselves according to the learner’s needs and give extra help or support if required by way of notes, etc.


Theoretical framework, explanatory videos, strengthening concepts, and timebound tests- this is the core methodology adapted at Tychr.

Over 9 years of teaching experience

The professionals mentoring the students are very well experienced.

27 countries, five continents

Tychr is not limited to India but also provides services to students abroad. Tychr has a setup that is extremely professional. The website is particularly informative and provides insights into the organization’s working. Registering for a class is extremely easy, one just needs to follow a few simple steps.

The website provides all details regarding the registration process with the phone numbers and emails through which the admission inquiries can be made.

Before finalizing every student can opt for a demo class and see if they are comfortable with the teaching methodology and the teacher. Once satisfied we proceed to fix classes at a time of convenience for both the students and the teachers.

The T.E.S.T methodology of teaching is followed which consists of a theoretical framework where exhaustive study material is prepared for every subject by experts on every topic to make the process of learning and revising easier for the learners.

Explanatory videos help to increase the understanding and knowledge base for all students.

Strengthening concepts- where students are provided with regular assignments and question banks according to the subject to be able to practice and improve their understanding.

Tychr also provides  Timebound Test series to help students practice giving exams and gain confidence.

Tychr provides the flexibility to students to even upgrade to a different course after having joined a course by just paying the difference between the two courses.

Many students who have been a part of Tychr testify to having developed better critical skills and staying organized and ahead of others at school when it came to their performance.

Many students say that the study material provided to them helped them a great deal along with the doubt clearing sessions with the teachers.

The help received with Extended Essays, Theory of Knowledge, and Internal Assessments submission helped them manage their academics and meet deadlines along with extracurriculars.

A feeling of comfort was instilled in many students who could easily approach their teachers to seek clarifications for the doubts as the teachers deal with the students with the utmost patience.

Tychr aims at making the journey of each student to success smoother, silently guiding them along the way. This is evident in the testimonials given by the students.

Tychr is always on the lookout for teachers who are not only qualified and hardworking but also efficient at communicating with the students, teachers who can give important insights into how to make the Tychr team better and bigger.

Tychr commits to helping IB students all over the world to build a better future and become individuals that help move society forward and make it a better place.

The Tychr team comprises of teachers and managers who are exceptionally energetic, determined, and hardworking whose goal is to not only guide students to perform well but also become good citizens and build a better tomorrow.

The organization aims at improving itself constantly with a concoction of a good work environment, team spirit, and high energy.

Tychr not only leads its students but also has a positive work environment for teachers leading to growth which enables efficiency. The work-like balance promotes creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. It is not only a platform for children to learn but also where teachers get to explore their love and passion for teaching.

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